Sourcing Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise



My name is Rob Cyr, and I've been buying and reselling wholesale liquidation merchandise for several years. With my product sourcing experience, I have operated several profitable retail businesses. Within the wholesale industry, I am considered an expert consultant helping others locate, purchase, and profit from excess, closeout, returned, and salvage merchandise.

My articles and commentary can be found on sites such as,,, and the Fox Small Business network.

Please enjoy my blog, Liquidators Guide, as I answer questions about wholesale product sourcing. Feel free to ask a question, I love to share my knowledge!


What they're saying....

“Robert shows you how to find liquidated goods direct from manufacturers without going through a liquidation company so you can buy goods at the same prices the liquidators pay. But the best part about The Liquidator’s Guide is that Robert shows you how to buy goods without getting screwed over by an unscrupulous seller -and believe me there are plenty of them out there.”   Skip McGrath – eBay and Amazon selling coach

"I was able to read your guide over the weekend and was able to glean a few things off of what you wrote (the search function to look for online manifests is GENIOUS)."   Brandi C.