Hey, I bet I know what annoys a lot of you people out there. Let me take a guess…how about an email account filled with all kinds of emails from just about every wholesale supplier you’ve ever visited? How do you have time to read all of them? No one does, not today with the stress free life we all lead [sarcasm].

Does the thought of an inbox filled with uninteresting emails start to boil your blood? Ok, calm down. I didn’t mean to get you all steamed up; what I really wanted to do was make you think about our newest idea here at the LiquidatorsGuide.com. Wanna hear about it? Ok, but don’t tell too many people because this is really cutting edge stuff. Are we good with keeping this on the down low?

We are all here for a one purpose. We all have an interest in wholesale liquidation merchandise, right? We want to source pallets and truckloads of all kinds of items for our own businesses. To do so means we need to find and bookmark wholesale websites, and keep up to date with our favorite companies’ inventory, right? Of course I’m right! Not only do we do this by bookmarking sites, but we also sign up for company mailing lists; you know “join our list to be updated” – Well, I’m a member of a lot of email lists. Did I say a lot? Let me rephrase that…I stay close to tons of liquidation companies who email me on a regular basis. I got notified of new pallet and truckloads deals all the time.

So, what is this brain-i-ack idea I have? Well, I’m going to start doing a digest of sorts, meaning, I’ll take the emails I receive and post them to the liquidatorsguide.com under the category “Latest Wholesale Deals,” LWD for short. Not only will I post a link to these timely deals sent out by a few choice wholesalers, but I’m going to “Chime” in offering my feelings about items being offered. I’ll talk about pricing and reselling channels for advertised deals.

Will I solve all of your personal email inbox woes? No, but I promise to help lighten your inbox load a bit. And to top it off, you’re also getting my first hand opinion of each wholesale deal that is sent my way. How cool is that?

I’m selective with newsletters I subscribe to, but I want you to know that if you do decide to check out our email digest posts, please understand I, nor New Venture Media, endorse any particular company in terms of product offering or validity. Each and every one of you is on your own in terms of fully researching a wholesale company before making any purchase.

If you’ve bought our guide, you know I’m a strong advocate for due diligence…research, research, and more research before making a liquidation merchandise purchase. So, having said that, any product offering found within our new category Latest Wholesale Deals should be NOT be considered an endorsement by the LiquidatorsGuide.com or New Venture Media. Ok… got all that legal mumbo-jumbo? If willing to proceed after scary warnings…bookmark this page and start reading our first email digest!


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