Last month we decided to hit the open road! We set out to visit a few wholesale companies down in the Los Angeles area, hoping to meet the many faces we’ve dealt with over the phone for the last few years. Our trip was pretty much all business, but we did squeak out a few fun evenings going out to dinner and seeing some of the sites.

I’ve worked long distance with a lot of the liquidation companies I recommend on this blog, but I can tell you that getting a chance to shake hands and tour facilities really solidifies every reason why I keep sending business their way.

Our first stop was a company called DLM OffPrice. This is a mega apparel wholesaler specifically specializing in department store shelf pulls and overstock. I say mega because they maintain one million pieces of clothing at any one time…holy cow!

Both my wife and I spent about an hour touring the DLM facility; it took that long because they operate a 175,000 square foot warehouse!

DLM is unique in that they have the ability to custom build wholesale apparel orders for clientele. Custom meaning, they can sell specific sizes ranges, brand names, and specific quantities all based upon a buyers individual needs. You can call DLM and ask or all petites, or all Donna Karen, or even all plus sizes…it’s up to you and your special resell needs. Whatever those needs might be, DLM is there to fill the order.

DLM primarily deals with apparel, but while we were there we also inspected shoes, apparel accessories, bedding, table top gifts and other department store items. This place was massive!

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