Our Latest Wholesale Deal posts are comprised of many different suppliers who have either contacted me personally or sent an email out advertising specific deals. On occasion, I will also list merchandise offers I’ve stumbled upon online that I think are priced well and worth a second look. Please proceed with caution when contacting the following suppliers. I am not vouching for legitimacy of any one deal or supplier. I’m just passing information on to our readers for further review. Did you know I spend a great deal of time explaining how investigate potential suppliers within our Liquidators’ Guide? If you haven’t yet purchased a copy, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why. Anyway…here we go:

This just in: Howie from H & J Liquidators just emailed a coupon code and said you can save 18% when you spend $500.00 or more on his site. H & J is a longtime, well respected closeout wholesale company. All purchasers will receive FREE shipping – Coupon Code: save18

Exclusive Closeout Deal: Pallets of closeout cell phone accessories. Approximately 7-10 pallets consisting of 50,000-60,000 pieces. Cases for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, Samsung S3, S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Mega 6.3. Retail stores can easily sell cases between $10-$15 each. They are looking for a take all at $8,500.00, but Allyson said they will negotiate if necessary. Accessories as low as .20 per unit. Please email Allyson for pictures and Excel manifest. (Merchandise for Flea Markets & Brick ‘n Mortar Stores, eBay and Amazon Sellers)

Off-Price Marketwww.offpricemarket.com

My wife and I spent a great deal of time in the fashion district earlier this year. Hundreds of wholesale vendors. This website I’m sending you to is a hub for many of the larger vendors within the garment district. Register as a buyer and you will have access to several Off-Price wholesalers on one site. (Merchandise for Flea Markets & Brick ‘n Mortar Stores)

Wholesale Jewelry and Accessorieswww.wholesalejewelry.net

Flea market and discount stores take note: I’ve personally purchased a great deal of merchandise from this wholesale company. They import their own products and purchase closeout deals from some of the largest retail chains nationwide including stores such as Hot Topic. Wholesale Jewelry and Accessories, a wholesale company located in upstate New York, has been in business, meeting the needs of our customers for over 25 years. (Merchandise for Flea Markets & Brick ‘n Mortar Stores)

Deal One: Merchandise with displays

Deal Two: Wholesale Sunglasses $7.00 per dozen

Black Swamp Liquidation (BSL) – www.bsliq.com 419-575-9483

Name Brand Mattresses from Serta, Sterns & Foster, Sealy, Etc. – shelf pulls & returns shipped directly from JC Penny’s reclamation center. Fully manifested loads of mattresses and foundations. Warehouse damage, discontinued items, online returns, buyer remorse, and customer returns. 25% of wholesale – example load JCP MATT WI 1112; 103 pcs; Appx Retail: $125,642.00 Cost: $7836. FOB WISCONSIN / Sample Manifest

Discount Wholesalerswww.discountwholesalersinc.com

Deal One: Maybelline cosmetic lots – Items such as: mascara, lipstick, nail polish, liquid makeup, eye shadows, lip liners and other items. Large quantities are available. 400 count case $500.00 (Merchandise for Flea Markets, Brick ‘n Mortar Stores, eBay)

Deal Two: Dollar Day pallets or truckloads. Items included are shelf pulls. Some items may have some carton damage. Cost .25 per unit – minimum purchase 10,000 units / $2,500.00 (Merchandise for Flea Markets, Dollar Stores, Discount Stores)


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