Here’s the scoop: we’re on several wholesale supplier email subscription lists and receive up-to-date deals almost daily. Our Latest Wholesale Deal posts are a recap of offers we feel are worth further investigation. As always, proceed with caution when making a wholesale liquidation purchase. We also list the best place to resell items being offered in each deal! We find wholesale deals for the following resell channels: eBay, Amazon FBA, Craigslist, Flea Markets, Discount Stores, and Exporters!


Hang Ten branded new overstock summer and beach clothing/apparel. Load is fully manifested, includes 4,307 units and is available for just $3/unit! Items are brand new and the lot features a wide variety of items for children – from baby sizes through age 14/16. Contact Steve Balmer (Good for Flea Markets, Discount Stores, & eBay Sellers)

Inmar Supply Chain

Famous branded Skateboards. Features a double kick-tail and cast polyurethane wheels. Made of aluminum with stone finish. Measures 31″ x 7-1/2″. 1,216 units available; 13.5 pallet truckload – Take all $10.00 per unit or 90 units per pallet – per pallet $11.00 per unit. (Good for FBA Inventory, Flea Markets, Discount Stores, & eBay Sellers)

H & J

Party Goods – All sell-able merchandise with an average of 1000 to 2500 pieces per pallet. Pallets are approximately 5-6 feet tall on average. Mixed lot of very high quality party and gift good merchandise. All merchandise is brand new. This is from a dollar store chain that closed its stores heavy in party and gift ware. It’s clean merchandise that’s been re-boxed. $500.00 and FREE shipping! (Good for Flea Markets& Discount Stores)

Erikas Bargain

Deal 1: Walmart Mixed Shoes by Truck Load or Pallet. Good Assorted Mix. 100 pairs to a pallet. 54 Pallets In Stock. $300.00 per pallet. (Good for Flea Markets & Discount Stores)

Deal 2: Garanimals Kids Winter Apparel. Good Styles & Sizes. 55 Pallets. 13,750 total pieces. Also sell by box of 250 pieces. Starting at $1.39 per piece. (Good for Flea Markets, Discount Stores, & eBay Sellers)


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