Hey…it’s time for The Latest Wholesale Deals! I’ve been working internally on the LiquidatorsGuide.com website, so I’m running behind this week. I hate that! Anyway, I’ve got a few deals you need to investigate further; some offers below have manifests to review.

All Newbies’s Take Note: (FYI – a Newbie is a person who has yet to purchase liquidation merchandise) even if you’re not going to make a purchase, investigate each offer below for practice! You need to be putting time in researching pallets and truckloads before you make an actual purchase.

To research offers you should be: (1) Investigating sources provided here, (2) checking pricing offered versus online retail pricing (eBay/Amazon/Shop Engines, etc), (3) looking for competitors selling same or similar products on eBay and Amazon. I give much more information about product and supplier researching within The Liquidators Guide, check it out

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide

OK, I’m done preaching. Wait, did we pass around the plate? Ah, never mind – let’s get started:

Gear Shop Off-Price   Linkedin Profile

High-end lots of women’s apparel from Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s – Manifest

I got an email from Kristopher Contreras this past week asking if I could help him move small lots of high end apparel. He sent over an excel sheet which shows a detailed manifest of clothing items.

Rob Says: I do not know Kristopher or Gear Shop, so please get as much info as possible before making a purchase. If your interested in getting in contact with him, please Contact Us. I’ll pass the info to Gear Shop directly.

Samara Vendrell Products    1438 Davis Road Elgin IL 60123 / 773-814-2326

Red Wing Flame Retardant Coveralls MSRP $139.99 Each / Cost $18.00 Each

Trusted Red Wing brand. EN 531 and EN 14116 compliant for workers exposed to heat and flames. Lot consists of approx. 80% blue 20% red. First quality merchandise.

Rob Says: this product is interesting and probably worth some research cross checking on eBay and Amazon for historical sales figures.

Rob Says: You’ve got to have room for big, bulky appliances, but the high retail value of each unit would make for a great one-day sales event or list each on Craigslist. I hear good thing about All Prime products. This looks to be a brokered load direct from LG FOB

Direct Liquidation    www.directliquidation.com

Samsung refurbished Tablets / Models – GT-P5210ZWYXAR, SM-T210RZWYXAR, SM-T210RZWSXAR, and GT-P5210ZWSXAR / 28 total units

As advertised: All units are reconditioned back to manufacturers specification, re-accessorized and repackaged in their original clean retail boxes. Retail ready with bar-coded labels that include product model, serial number, size and color. Here is the Manifest

Rob Says: Refurbished and set back to manufacturers specs…sounds like no issue with damages. I also like the idea of submitting an offer. I’ve never been a big fan of electronics because the margin’s are low, but I know this lot will be of interest to a lot of eBay and Amazon sellers. Proceed with caution…as always. Direct Liquidation is operated by The Recon Group.

That’s it for today…Please, by all means, contact me and tell me your story. I want to hear about what you’re interested in buying; how you’re planning to resell (eBay, Amazon or?), and any information about deals you’ve purchased- Good or Bad! Spill the beans and let’s learn together. We have thousands of people coming to this site to learn.

Hey, before you go…I have information coming about Groupon loads – stay tuned!

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide