Looking for the Latest Wholesale Deals? Join me as I reveal some of the deals I’ve found within the last few days. I’m looking for secondary market liquidations that can be resold on eBay, Amazon FBA, at flea markets, within indie stores, exported, on Craigslist, and other venues. This is non-biased information; contacts below are not paid or commissioned advertisements. As always, proceed with caution when buying bulk secondary market goods.

Groupon Pallets – Approximately 74% off of the manifested price listed on each pallet. $260 for every $1,000 worth of goods. You can find pricing and availability on the website. 209 543-3880 or sales@flipgoods.com www.flipgoods.com

Amazon FBA Sellers – Selfie Sticks 3.25 per unit with a 100 piece minimum order. Ships within 5 business days – sell on Amazon with retail package. Text Scott Rogers at 281-935-4139 or email scott@scott-rogers.com. Scott operates a wildly successful eBay and Amazon Facebook group. I just spoke with Scott last week about his liquidation business. He shares my view of buyer education. Tell him Rob from the Liquidators Guide referred you. He has many more FBA products in bulk.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide

Department Store Clothing Shelf Pulls – mixed & assorted brands from a famous department store. Ask for Melea when you call, and tell her Rob sent you from the Liquidators Guide. Pricing is very, very low per unit based upon the quality of clothing they can supply. Best pricing on 500 and 1,000 piece lots. Brands and quality comparable to Macy’s in my opinion. I’ve been to the warehouse Melea@dlmoffprice.com or call 323-257-1273 • www.dlmoffpriceonline.com

Sunglasses $7 Per Dozen – Assorted color matte finish acrylic frame sunglasses; assorted color lenses; UV400; individually poly bagged. Tons of styles within this price point. Great for discount stores and flea market sales. 888-563-4411 www.wholesalejewelry.net

Cover Girl Cosmetics – assorted cosmetics come both carded and loose and all units are retail ready. A small percentage of products may have retail stickers. $1.25 each, sold in 300 count lots. Discount Wholesalers 610-458-1131 www.discountwholesalersinc.com

Walmart Clothing Pallets – store level returns repacked in 500 count bins. $1.39pc = $695.00 per pallet. Items include: tops, jeans, lounge pants, socks, underwear, sweatshirts, pajamas, winter coats, thermal underwear and more. Discount Wholesalers 610-458-1131 www.discountwholesalersinc.com

Walmart General Merchandise Pallets – Houston, Texas. $250-$350 per pallet in their warehouse or $130-$180 per pallet, by the truckload, from the distribution center. Call Caffey Enterprises 713-898-5567 www.caffeyenterprisesinc.net

JC Penney’s M/W Clothing – assorted 100 count boxes of mixed clothing items for men and women. Ask about accessory count in each 100 count mix. 100 pieces $285.00. MBA Trading 626-968-9220 www.mbatradinginc.com

JC Penney’s Children’s Clothing – assorted 300 count pallets of mixed clothing items for children. Ask about accessory count in each 300 count mix. 300 pieces $795.00. MBA Trading 626-968-9220 www.mbatradinginc.com

Sears Apparel – Approximately 80% women’s and 20 Men’s clothing returns and shelf pull. Ask for load specifics. Last advertised price $1.20 per unit on large orders. International Enterprises 330-832-3821 www.internationalent.com

Car Stereo Pallets – pallet contains a mix of overstock and shelf pull car stereo items, including Pioneer electronics, Dual electronics, speakers, subwoofers, stereos and amplifiers. There are 114 pieces in this pallet and it is priced at $2,858.00 – Overstocks Trading 855-602-7996 www.overstockstrading.com

Baby Toy Pallets
– baby Bouncers, baby swings, developmental mats, and more toys. This includes name brands like Graco, Little Einstein’s, Fisher Price, Munchkin, and more. Approximately 25 pieces per pallet. 15 pallets available priced at $495 each – Overstocks Trading 855-602-7996 www.overstockstrading.com

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide