Back to the hunt! Join me as I reveal some of the deals I’ve found within the last few days. I’m looking for secondary market liquidations that can be resold on eBay, Amazon FBA, at flea markets, within indie stores, exported, on Craigslist, and other venues. This is non-biased information; contacts below are not paid or commissioned advertisements. As always, proceed with caution when buying bulk secondary market goods.

Diesel DZ1437 watch Color Domination – ASIN B0051QGCIW; UPC 698615070527. Amazon $79.93; eBay $69.95; $84.92 – Your cost $31.97 – Quantity available 16, along with other Diesel SKU’s. – Note from Rob: BoxFox is a B2B marketplace for small retailers to appraise and sell their excess inventory to authorized resellers.

Brand new sneakers / shoes – M/W/C footwear. Lot will have Sneakers, shoes and sandals. All Brand NEW. No Returns. 2000 Pair @ $4.50 per pair. FOB NJ. Premier Wholesaler 800-558-7736

Houseware Pallets – Umanifested pallets of assorted household and kitchen products come from a large national department store chain. Pallets average 80 units of customer returns. $549.00 per pallet FOB Los Angeles. 877-202-3616

Walmart truckloads – appliances, toys, general merchandise, housewares, small furniture, home decor and more. Full truck $5,500.00 Discount Wholesalers 610-458-1131

Overstock Pallet of Domestics – Pallets include comforters, sheet sets, blankets and decor pillows in a large variety of styles and sizes. Perfect for shops, store outlets, online sellers, and flea markets. Manifested – $700.00 per pallet Discount Wholesalers 610-458-1131

VS Clothing Returns – 405 pieces with a total retail value of $20,728.85. Full packing list available; labels defaced. $3,240.00 which includes FREE FedEx shipping. Supplier found within The Liquidators Guide

Brand new adult clothing – This is all Brand New Target clothing case-packed poly-bagged pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, shorts jeans, etc. $1.66 per unit 8,000 UNITS FOB NJ. Premier Wholesaler 800-558-7736

Alloy women’s assorted set swimwear – Merchandise is past season transfer (PST)/Shelf Pulls that are first quality. $2 per unit; 128 units to the deal. 800-758-4499

Wet Seal women’s assorted bikini bottoms & tops – Merchandise is past season transfer (PST)/Shelf pulls that are first quality. $1 per unit; 228 units to the deal; $228.00. 800-758-4499

Discount Women’s Shoes – Assorted pallets of discount women’s shoes, in box and ready for resale! Shelf pull shoes; 200 pair to each pallet. $600.00 per pallet. 877-202- 3616

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