I’m on the hunt looking for wholesale merchandise daily. I always bookmark sites and keep emails that are sent my way…if it sounds like a good deal to me, I’ll let you know about it. You will find bulk merchandise offers for all kinds of resell channels. I’m keeping my eye out for items that will work for our eBay and Amazon sellers, along flea market vendors, and store owners. Here are a few wholesale deals I think you should check out.

Lovers + Friends (clothing line) – famous brand found within Revolve.com, Nordstrom, Singer22.com and other stores. Anna, from ShopBellaAnya.com, can put together custom lots. Contact CustomerService@ShopBellaAnya.com or 818-554-7740. Tees, tanks, blouses, shorts, dresses, etc. Contact Anna for quantity pricing. FYI – I was looking at sold auctions on eBay for this brand, holly cow!

Case Packed Women’s Slippers $2.25 – winter is right around the corner! Several styles to choose from. Royal Deluxe 908-523-0550 – 2563 Brunswick Ave Linden NJ 07036

Macy’s Children’s Winter Clothing – Minimum purchase 100 pieces at $3.70 per unit. Erikas Wholesale 877-852-8353 www.erikascloseouts.com – based out of Houston, Texas (eBay / Flea markets / Discount Stores)

Case Packed Cosmetics – This is a supplier source to investigate further – Opportunity Buying INC., 3301 Merritt Avenue Bronx, NY 10475 Phone 718-325-6272

McGuire-Nicholas 12″ Universal Tool Tote – 642 pieces available, case pack 2 – $10.75 NBC Inventory 512-452-8815 www.nbcinventory.com – Austin, Texas. (eBay / Amazon / Discount store )

Antique Style LED Lantern – 12 to a case, $5.00 each. 12 LED lantern with dimmer control switch. This is a really cool product in my book. Shapiro Wholesale 740 Tollgate Rd., Elgin, IL 60123 Phone 847-741-6465

Remington 52 Shotgun Case Closeout – case pack 6 pieces, 304 total available. $12.50 NBC Inventory 512-452-8815 www.nbcinventory.com – Austin, Texas. (eBay / Amazon / Discount store )

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