I want to tell you about our recent purchase from Wholesale101.com. We bought a hundred bathing suit tops and bottoms from the chain store Wet Seal. This merchandise was advertised as past season shelf pulls. We bought this stock to add to our upcoming Event Sales, sometimes refereed to as a Pop Up sale. We hold at least 2-3 Event sales each month selling overstock and shelf pull apparel, along with clothing related accessories including shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Our shipment of the bathing suits came in a few days ago and they look great! We paid $1.00 per unit plus UPS shipping from the east coast. At an approximate cost of $1.50 per unit landed, our intent is to resell this stock at $6 per unit or 2 for $10.00. Our intent with items like this is to get ‘em in and sell through quickly. The average original retail per unit is $19.99, so at $5.00 I’m sure we’ll get lot of people buying multiples. With pricing this low people will buy without much thought.

Wet Seal is a trendy mall store that caters to the younger crowd, and the brand recognition is what we are counting on for a quick sell-through. Depending on how you resell liquidations items, I think this stock would be great for small discount stores, flea market vendors, and eBay sellers.

This is our second purchase from Wholesale101, and we are now checking with them on a regular basis for new shelf pull offers. They have offers from Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Ashley Stewart, Delia’s, New York and Company, and other popular retailers.

We buy this type of name brand stock all the time. if you would like to find out about other sources we buy from, please checkout our Guide.

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