If you have spent any amount of time on our website, you’ve heard me talk about Skip McGrath. I’ve known Skip for a long time. He has published several books on eBay and amazon, and his online sellers newsletter is top notch. I glean all kinds of information from Skip. Not only that, but when I cannot find a an answer in one of his printed material or on his website, I fire off an email and just simply ask him for help. He is truly a genuine nice guy.

I’m writing this today to pass on an interview Skip did with Ted Coine. I found the video last week and watched it twice…it’s good stuff! It’s about the differences between eBay and Amazon, with most information relating to Amazon. Skip has a real healthy Amazon business going now, and he reports approximately 80% of his online sales come from Amazon versus eBay (it wasn’t like this a few year ago when eBay was king).

Anyway, I know this video interview will be helpful to our audience, here at the Liquidators Guide. Skip was interviewed by Ted Coine for an online TV series. Ted also authors a site for online sellers at www.savvyseller.co


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