This past week I’ve spent a bit of time reviewing customer returned shoes and where they fit into the liquidation industry. I was really surprised at the secondary market where I’ve noted tremendous sales not only state side, but all over the world. Makes sense because here in the good ‘ole US we tend to take things for granted, but within impoverished countries like Africa, shoes are not easy to come by. In fact shoes and used clothing accounts for a huge amount secondary sales within third world climates.

Over the years I’ve dealt with a lot of exporters who were on a continuous hunt for quality grade second hand clothing and shoes. I found a video below that offers a peak into a Tanzania used clothing market. It’s eye-opening…take a look:

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In further web searching, I came across a company called The Jay Group Limited who claim to be one of the largest used and customer returned shoe distributors in the Country. A quick review of their blog describes their reach into several markets including Africa and Lebanon.

I was also surprised to find a large retail division of the Jay Group selling right on eBay under the name Shoes & Fashion. History reveals approximately 1900 eBay transactions within the last 30 days, which is no small operation! In reviewing their auctions they seem to have a wide range of brands selling quite well.

Back to their website I did note where they indicate selling to small and large resellers here in the United States, so if anyone out there is looking for a liquidation shoes supplier this might be an option for your business.

Government Surplus Liquidation

Government Surplus Buying Opportunities abound at this auction website operated by Liquidity Services. I know what you’re thinking…yeah, boring old green crap!. Forget about it! (my attempt at an Italian comeback & accent)

Wait, before you leave I’m sure your interested in reselling liquidation merchandise, right? Well take a look at what I found doing some cross-searching on GovLiquidation and eBay site. I think you will be surprised.


Ok, this might be an opportunity for you…who knows. I did run across this guy in the video below who buys from this site and resells in small quantities. Kinda inspiring…take a look:

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide