Everyone loves shopping at the dollar store because there is no guessing involved with purchasing; seven items equals $7, and so on. Same principle holds true with a single price point clothing store. If you take away the need for people to think about how much they can purchase, average sales transactions will increase.

Purchasing wholesale liquidation pallets of clothing from major department stores provides a great assortment of inventory for a single price point store. Based upon your local market, you can chose to resell low, mid-point, or high end apparel at one convenient price.

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What are the inventory options for shelf pull and customer returned clothing?

  • Sears: Soft-goods and National Loads
  • Kmart: Soft-good loads
  • Macy’s: RTR Shelf Pulls and customer returns
  • QVC: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd quality liquidation clothing
  • You can also purchase from a wholesale liquidator that offers smaller pallet lots of clothing