Back when I was brokering pallets and truckloads of merchandise, I enjoyed scouting my suppliers to find deals to offer my clients. I would usually spend Thursdays and Fridays looking for deals to advertise the following week. I was continuously on the lookout for new wholesale liquidators for which I could use as a warehouse source when brokering pallets and truckloads of closeouts.

Just for fun I thought I would show you some current deals available right now, as well as explain how much I would markup each deal as a liquidation broker. For the purpose of this instructional post, I’ll concentrate on wholesale dollar store pallets.

The liquidation supplier I’ve been reviewing is a company based out of Springfield, Illinois called Countryside Closeouts. This company has been around for a long time. I have made dozens of purchases from this company throughout the years. Countryside Closeouts is a great source for customer returns and closeout merchandise for eBay sellers, flea market sellers, and discount store owners. For the purpose of this post, Countryside is also a great source for liquidation Brokers who wish to source inventory to resell at reasonable prices. Ok, done with the background, let’s get right to the deals I have been reviewing.

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Countryside has a few dollar store pallets available at this time including:

Dollar Store 5000 Piece Pallet –
5,000 new items in factory cases. All products are retail carded or boxed. One case of each item. .15 per unit = $750.00 Per Pallet

Dollar Store 2500 Piece Tool Pallet – Individual pieces are brand new, retail carded with full UPC codes. .49 per unit = $1225.00 Per Pallet

Dollar Store 2000 Piece Home Decor and Gift Pallet –
All new in factory cased merchandise .39 per unit = $780.00 Per Pallet

If you have read other posts about brokering you’ll know the most important aspect of being a successful broker is pricing. Deals must be priced where you can make money, and also offer enough room to price goods where your customer can make money once they have purchased from you. Make sense?

The best dollar store pallet deal above is the 5000 piece pallet priced at $750.00. With this pallet I would re-advertise this offering at a ten cent markup. By the numbers, ten cents will give you a profit of $500.00 and still offer a good value for your wholesale buying customers.

The second dollar store tool pallet deal would be marked up one shiny nickel per item for a total gross profit of $125.00. The price from Countryside is high and you cannot add too much markup to this pallet.

The third home décor dollar store pallet I would go ahead and add eleven cents to each item, thereby making a gross profit of $275.00 once this pallet was resold.

If you are an inspiring wholesale broker just remember one thing….transact ethically and make sure that each deal you advertise will be of value to your potential wholesale buyers. Work hard for the first sale along with repeat business!

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide