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Wholesale Liquidation Auctions

We’ve all heard about Liquidation.com, the internet’s largest auction platform for offering customer returns, overstocks, closeouts, and odd lots, but there is a lesser known online auction that offers wholesale lots of...

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Our Latest Wholesale Pallet Purchase

Four days ago, my wife and I purchased five pallets of Sears National Brand apparel and apparel related accessories. I cannot tell you how many of these loads we have bought within the last several years, but I can tell you that...

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Walmart Customer Returns After Christmas

Over the weekend I was out just like most of you, finishing up the family Christmas shopping. There was a sense of urgency as most were in a hurry to spend their last dollar, or perhaps just get out of each jam-packed store....

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Customer Returns From Target Liquidators

Reader Question: I spend a great deal of time searching yard sales, thrift store, and going to auctions looking for stuff to sell on eBay. The other day I was searching through our local Goodwill thrift store, and I came across...

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Customer Returned Damages

I’ve just started buying Costco customer returned pallets for our eBay business and so far, I’ve been happy with the merchandise. The clean merchandise has sold well, but I’ve failed to deal with the damaged...

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Department Store Returns from Sears

Question: I’m thinking about purchasing department store returns from Sears but I’m concerned about not being able to sell damaged merchandise. Any suggestions? Answer: When it comes to damaged department store returns keep in...

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Liquidator’s Guide

The Liquidators Guide is filled with product sourcing techniques! With the guide you’ll get FREE access to a 33,000+ member Facebook Sourcing group filled with educational content and pallet and truckloads offers!

Pallet Flipping

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Flea Market Sellers

Check out our Flea Market Selling Series where we chronicle the steps needed to start a profitable business at the flea market selling liquidation merchandise.