Liquidation Store Review

We just got back from a well deserved vacation to Alaska. It was absolutely beautiful cruising through Glacier Bay! On our road trip from Seattle we stopped in Longview Washington to check out a retail liquidation store. I always love walking in the aisles and seeing what is selling! I make a game of each stop trying to figure out where each store owners is sourcing their liquidation merchandise from. Yeah, I’m a liquidation geek!

Do you have a liquidation store or are you thinking of opening a liquidation store in your town? Well, let me tell you, Prospectors Liquidation was packed with people shopping for all kinds of stuff when we visited! I would estimate this store was about 15-20,000 square feet and the shelves were stocked with all kinds of closeouts, shelf pulls, overstock, overruns, seconds, and blem merchandise!

The front part of the store was setup with multiple aisles of beauty products, party goods, OTC medicines, food items, nick-knacks, tools, electronics, etc.! You name it, and they had it for sale!

The back portion had a warehouse feel and it showcased clothing on racks as well as pallet bins of unsorted clothing for sale. Mostly Bobbie Brooks label from JC Penney’s.

At the back of the store they had furniture and outdoor items for sale.

Overall, the pricing was good, in fact, my wife bought a few things for herself. This is not uncommon as she finds something to buy at any store we go into. Go figure.

If you are up in Southern Washington, stop by this liquidation store for ideas. They seem to run a very successful liquidation business!




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