Call me crazy, but I like to study those who have achieved success within the liquidation industry. I’ve known about Empire Liquidators for some time, but I thought maybe some of you haven’t heard of this eBay seller based out of Buffalo, New York.

Today’s success story will be highly motivational for those of you who want to start your own eBay business using liquidation merchandise as inventory. My recommendation, as always, would be to perform a lot of research before getting started by thoroughly investigating others who have achieved success.

Let’s take a closer look at Empire Liquidators:

Empire has been selling on eBay since March 24th, 1999, and has approximately 22,603 positives under their belt! Wow, this stretches back to the early days of eBay! From looking through their auctions over the years, they have primarily been selling customer returned tools and home improvement items.

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As of today, they have 1185 items currently listed on eBay. Most of their auctions start at $19.95 and I do not see where they are listing any auctions with the “Buy it Now” option. Interesting-

Empire Liquidators does a great job explaining what it is they are selling:

Looking through one of their auctions I noticed they have their own employee who tests all items prior to listing on eBay. The Tester offers information about each item and its functionality, which is very important when considering an eBay buyer can leave negative feedback if an item is not described thoroughly.

In further review of this eBay seller, I noticed a full FAQ section offering additional information about their business. Within this section, they list hours of operation along with their full address for local pickup of items. This eBay seller also sells actual pallets of customer returned merchandise on eBay, so I’m sure quite a few local buyers take advantage of the local pickup option.

Empire Liquidators is buying and reselling customer returned items only; I do not see where they are listing 1st quality, or shelf pull items. Here is their product guarantee:

“All tested items are tested for basic functionality only. Other times items are untested because we do not have the proper electrical / water, etc. hookup. All untested items are sold “as is” and we do not make any claim or guarantee to their functionality.

The only returns that are processed are if the wrong item was sent to you. Contact us within 48 hours at (xxx-xxx-xxxx) M-F 7:00-3:30 EST.

Empire is not responsible for the return shipping on any item and reserves the right to replace before refund.”

Today’s post is actual proof that one can build a successful business selling customer returns on eBay. Now that you have the proof it works, from what store will you source your customer returns from?

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