The 2018 Liquidator’s Guide

ATTENTION: eBay & Amazon Sellers, Flea Market Vendors, Store Owners, Exporters, and Anyone Else Who Buys Wholesale Merchandise…

I know how frustrated you’ve been searching for the same sources I found, BUT your exhaustive search ends Right Now!

My name is Rob Cyr, and I’ve been buying and selling truckloads of wholesale merchandise for a long time. As a product sourcing expert, my content has been published on the Fox Small Business website, Wholesale 101, TopTenWholesale.com, WholesaleEz.com, WholesaleU.com, as well as other industry related sites and publications.

In my lengthy career, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve been asked the following question…

“How can I buy pallets and truckloads of wholesale liquidation merchandise without going through a middleman?”

With several years of hard earned experience, I have tons of knowledge to share when it comes to locating name brand wholesale liquidation merchandise. I have bought loads from the dishonest brokers, I’ve lost money buying the wrong type of liquidation merchandise… you name it and I’ve probably made a huge mistake doing it!

Are you thinking of starting an Amazon or eBay business? Perhaps you would like to open a brick ‘n mortar store, or find an incredible source of inventory for the flea market….your search has just ended. Amazon FBA sellers are making money hand over fist buying pallets at liquidation pricing…but they know the source!

I’m willing to share my experiences with you, and yes…my personal Black Book of direct source contacts!

Liquidation contact information for department stores like Amazon.com, Nordstrom’s, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Kohl’s, Groupon, Best Buy, Target, Target.com, Walmart, Walmart.com, Costco, Sears, Kmart, QVC, HSN—–these contacts are not easy to come by.

Let me tell you my story, let me tell you about some of the mistakes I’ve made buying wholesale liquidation merchandise….

Years ago I quit my job and started an eBay business from home without formally researching product sources. I got too excited and paid through the nose buying pallets of merchandise from the wrong sources.

The mistakes I’ve made hit my pocket book hard, but this is truly good for you because I’m going to share what I have learned. I started selling clothing on eBay; shelf pulls and customer returns to be exact. The first load my wife and I bought was a complete waste of money!…NO, it was outright FRAUD!

The liquidator we made the purchase from LIED about the condition of the clothing we ordered. We made a few more purchases that really didn’t go any better than the first. Right out of the gate we were out thousands of dollars. Long story short, we found so many liquidation brokers and warehousing liquidators that were misrepresenting merchandise they were selling we almost gave up!!pallet-2

…I dug deep and became committed to finding true, actual sources for department store shelf pulls, customer returns, and excess merchandise. That was way back then, and the rest as they say is history!

I remember how frustrated both my wife and I were back when we started, and I know how frustrated you are looking for the same sources I’ve found.

With the ability to buy name brands in bulk quantities, at liquidation prices, sales will shoot through the roof…

General Merchandise Loads –  dish sets, silverware sets, portable grills, stereos, small heaters, crock pots, pots & pan sets, board games, roulette & shot-glass sets, portable pin-pong tables, Christmas trees, wireless thermometers, DVDs, children’s books, kids toys, children learning games, home decorative items, blenders and other electronic kitchen items, toy cars, picture frames, coffee machines, irons, toasters, picture & video cameras and more!!!

Shelf Pull Cosmetics – If you are looking for cosmetics I have sources for low and high-end brands. Fair warning, there are few suppliers out there for high-end brands, but you already know this. Lancome, Mac, Stila, Victoria’s Secret, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Origins, Cover Girl, Maybeline, L’Oreal, and more!

Clothing & Handbags – Clothing shelf pulls and returns happen to be one of the most sought after categories of wholesale merchandise. I have the sources you’ve been looking for!

Yes, I also have a couple of legitimate sources for ultra high-end brands, specifically apparel and handbags. My sources offer true, authentic shelf pulled items…. Designer brands are spendy, but also offer gigantic profits! One of my favorite apparel liquidators allows you to pick specific brands/sizes when ordering.

Wholesale shelf pulls and customer return brands such as Alfani, Calvin Klein, INC, Jones New York, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Ellen Fisher, DKNY, BCBG Maxazria, Charter Club, DKNY Eileen Fisher, Free People, Ideology, Karen Scott Ralph Lauren, Levis, Nike, Style and Co, ABS, Aqua,Anne Klein, David Meister, Dona Rico, Elie Tahari, Lucky, and others!pallet-6

Shoes – I have contacts for high-end brands as well as discount store shoes. Brands including Liz Claiborne, Rampage, Naturalizer, Jessica, Marc Fisher, Bandolino, Clarks, Rocket Dog, Sketchers, Nike, Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Roxy, Kenneth Cole, Easy Spirit, Capparas, Guess, Arturo Chang, Carlos, BCBG, and others!

Electronics – You’ll have some decisions to make before buying pallets of name brand electronics. I will put you in contact with Best Buy, Sears, and other sources. I’m brutally honest when it comes to buying returned electronics, best to read my guide before you buy damaged returns.

Tools – Tools have a high resell value on eBay, as well as offline selling at flea markets and discount stores! There are tool only liquidation loads, as well as mixed loads of other merchandise that also contain tools….I’ll explain both, and put you in contact with the sources!

Home Improvement Loads – Lighting, outdoor, faucets, sprinklers, tools, patio, BBQ’s, and much more in these discount store loads. Pricing is really low on these fast selling items!

I also have sources for jewelry, domestics, furniture, dollar store merchandise, refurbished electronics, and much more!

The Liquidation Industry offers an incredible opportunity….

Millions of dollars of merchandise is liquidated by major department stores every single day! The big stores like Kohls, JC Penney’s, Sears, Kmart, Walmart, Best Buy, Costco, and others attempt to discount merchandise on the sales floor- at some point this unsold merchandise is wholesaled at drastically low pricing!

Name brand merchandise is often coded with a zero (0.00) price tag, and then it is “off” to be sold for pennies on the original dollar. Often, this merchandise is labeled “shelf pull,” or “MOS – Marked Out of Stock” in the liquidation industry. This is where my knowledge comes into the equation! You can buy pallets and truckloads of name brand merchandise to turn right around and sell on eBay, Amazon, on e-com websites, at the flea market, or in a retail store setting like Marshals, TJ Max, Tuesday Morning, and Ross!

Still Buying From A Middleman? Do you know who to buy from?

All of the wholesale liquidators you find online do not want you to have the same contact information they have. Why would they? ….they want you to keep paying a HUGE markup buying from them!

Now you can buy from the same liquidation sources I’ve been buying from for years!

All major department stores liquidate excess, overstock, and customer returned items. Do you know how and where to find the contact information for this wholesale merchandise?

 This is going to be an education, not a huge list. If you’re new to the concept of buying liquidation merchandise below traditional wholesale pricing, please read on…


“Hi Rob! My name is Alexander and I have bought and read two of your guides, the liquidation guide and the food salvage guide. I have found both of them to be very informative and useful for a novice looking to start a business in this industry, so thank you very much!!” – Alexander R.

“My advice to other beginners or even experienced sellers is to find a mentor who has done it and truly wants to help others. You are a prime example. I can tell you have gold in your hands and people need your guidance desperately. They do not know what to do or how to do it. Your guide will save them time and plenty of money.”   Regards, Margaret K.

Let’s Take A Sneak Peak At The Liquidators Guide…

Within the introduction we’ll get acquainted and I’ll go over the basic steps to start your own Liquidation Business. Learn from my mistakes – steps I ignored when I started my retail liquidation business. I learned the hard way how important these steps are and I’ll share that knowledge with you!

Liquidation 101 comes next, and it will cover areas such as terminology, definitions of liquidation merchandise, explanation of reverse logistics, understanding the industry, risks associated with liquidation merchandise, and..I will get into how I started reselling pallets and truckloads of merchandise.

After the introduction comes a chapter called Expert Perspective, which includes ideas, opinions, and advice from some of today’s most relevant industry figures. Not only do we feature those within the wholesale liquidation industry, but also those who in some way are connected, i.e. retail consultants, CEO’s, eBay coaches, and published authors. I have learned a great deal from leaders within my professional network, and it’s time to share the wealth!

The next chapter titled, Liquidation Sourcing, deals specifically with locating liquidation merchandise sources with an emphasis on steps to take when evaluating suppliers, Brokers, and direct sources. I share some of the very techniques I use when tracking down inventory. From investigation techniques to phone scripts…all I have learned over the years is laid out before you. I dive right into searching Google for obscure sources as well as using one of my favorite online tools to locate the source of potentially dropshipped merchandise. The goal is to find the true source of merchandise, thereby alleviating the middleman altogether. I will also share techniques to increase your contact base and also throw out my Top 40 list of Must Do liquidation steps!pallet-1

The chapter, Mechanics, comes next. Here I layout the basics behind brand protection, wire transfers, freight shipping, and pallet manifests. I will also go over what to do when you receive your first shipment of liquidation merchandise, and I will offer steps to take if a purchase goes wrong. I will also touch on profitability and dealing with difficult merchandise.

The last chapter, Business Models, deals with specific ways to resell the inventory you just learned how to purchase! It’s where the rubber meets the road…I share how I’ve made money as well as offering a few untapped ideas!

At the end of the guide you will find my Black Book of industry suppliers and direct sources….the coveted list of MUST HAVE contacts!

The 2018 Liquidator’s Guide

1st Warning: this is not a huge, page after page list of wholesalers or liquidators. This is not re-hashed information taken from the countless Get Rich Quick cheap eBooks floating around the internet. I have bought all of the garbage eBooks back when I started sourcing liquidation merchandise and I can tell you…they are not worth it, period!

A list of supplier names with broken links will not help you one bit. Contact information for suppliers is but one part of the puzzle you’ll need.

You must have knowledge of the liquidation sourcing industry; you need to learn from someone elses’ mistakes before you make a pallet or truckload purchase. You must have the tools to help you discern between a good and bad deal, right?

2nd Warning: Don’t even think of buying this guide if you are not prepared to do your homework when it comes to product sourcing. I will lay out the techniques I use when looking for direct sources of below wholesale merchandise….But, you must apply what I show you.

Don’t waste your money buying my guide if you think you can skip to the Black Book section (liquidation contacts) and find every source of every name brand, retailer, or even catalog retailer. This guide is NOT an exhaustive list of every supplier known to man…if you want a huge list with broken, outdated links spend .99 cents on eBay.

“If you want to learn how to source the liquidation marketplace Rob is the go-to guy and I strongly endorse The Liquidators Guide   Skip McGrath – FBA coach

“I purchased your guide today and I absolutely love it. thank you very much.” Mike L.

Expert contributions for 2018…

I learned a long time ago that success also comes from networking and following others who are defined as industry leaders. The Liquidators Guide includes expert perspective and commentary from the following:

Jen Brookes, of American Jen, will be sharing tips and tricks for eBay clothing sellers within the 2018 Liquidator’s Guide. Why not learn from an expert?

Howard Rosenberg, Co-Founder of B-Stock Solutions, worked at eBay for 6 1/2 years where he started and ran the company’s private B2B Marketplace business. Howard attended the Wharton School of Business and received an MBA from Harvard University.

Skip McGrath is the publisher of the Online Sellers News, the oldest and largest eZine for eBay, Amazon and online sellers. Skip is the author of 14 books about online business and selling on eBay, Amazon and from websites, blogs and social media. www.skipmcgrath.com

Chris Sirois – Chris is shares his liquidation journey within the pages of the Liquidator Guide. Learn from a guy who is purchasing liquidation merchandise weekly! Chris sells on eBay and through local selling apps like OfferUp and Letgo.

Jeremy Hirsch – as Managing Director of Buyer Experience at Genco Marketplace, Jeremy understands the new liquidation buyer must be educated – who to buy from, where to buy, and how to successfully resell secondary market goods. Within the Liquidators Guide, we’ll interview Jeremy and extract his insight about liquidation merchandise.

In 2007, Nicole Reyhle founded Retail Minded, a B2B blog supporting small businesses throughout the United States. Nicole is an instructor at Columbia College Chicago, teaching various retail and writing courses. Forbes.com has recognized Nicole as a “Thought Leader” in the business sector of retail. www.retailminded.com

Also for 2018, real people sharing REAL stories…

Mark R. – Marks’s words of wisdom: “there are no easy buttons. It’s not going to happen if you don’t work at it!” Mark shares his story being a newcomer himself to liquidation sourcing and Amazon FBA selling. Mark is a straight shooter and a true asset to our product sourcing community. Mark shares his story within the pages of the Liquidators Guide, and once you join our Facebook group, you’ll get to know Mark because he hangs out in our group daily.

Ken C. – Ken has been selling utilizing the Amazon FBA platform for 3 years now. In that time he has purchased wholesale lots, utilized Online Arbitrage techniques, and is now manufacturing his own private label clothing line through a manufacturer in China! Ken was all about telling his story within the pages of the Liquidators Guide!

Why are you charging so little for so much information?

Good question, I’m glad you asked (by the way, this is the number one question I receive by email. Everyone tells me I’m insane for practically giving this information away.pallet-4

There is this thing called perceived value, and I realize that pricing the Liquidator’s Guide at such a low cost will probably turn most people away, but I want everyone involved with buying liquidation pallets and truckloads to hear my story and learn from my experience.

Pricing the guide low makes it reasonable for everyone, especially those starting a business on a shoestring. I decided upon a reasonable price with a 100% No Hassle Guarantee…..If you are not happy, send an email and let me know.

I’m an industry expert…not only have I bought and resold merchandise, but I’m a consultant within this industry writing for various companies including TopTenWholesale.com, WhoelsaleU.com, GoWholesale.com, and WholesaleEz.com. My educational content has also been featured on the Fox Small Business website.

Liquidation Sourcing Starts Immediately…

  • Contacts revealed for several stores including: Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Best Buy, Groupon, Sears, Home Shopping Network, QVC, Costco, Kmart, Amazon.com, and MANY More!
  • Premier source for Victoria’s Secret apparel at a fraction of original retail!
  • I will walk you through the liquidation industry terminology…if you don’t speak the “lingo” how will you know what to buy?
  • Learn how a broker makes a profit on your purchase
  • Learn how to investigate liquidation companies and Brokers before buying
  • Learn how to find the source of drop-shipped or brokered merchandise
  • Learn what payment method you should never use under any circumstance
  • Learn about wire transfers and why they are the industry norm
  • In depth explanation of shelf pulls, customer returns, and salvage. Which category should you purchase?
  • Learn when to buy from a wholesale liquidator and when to buy from the direct source
  • Learn how to find direct sources of just about any type of liquidation merchandise
  • In depth chapter on brand protection and reselling agreements…ignore this and you could face some hefty fines selling liquidation merchandise on eBay, at the Flea Market, or at your store!
  • How to successfully sell liquidation merchandise on eBay
  • How to resell liquidation merchandise through “Event Sales”
  • How to resell liquidation merchandise by holding a garage sales
  • How to resell liquidation merchandise at festivals and fairs
  • I will tell you what free trade magazines you MUST read monthly!
  • Explanation of pallet and truckload size
  • Explanation of freight delivery
  • I’ll show you where you can bid on name brand liquidation merchandise owned by large insurance companies
  • How to figure out the cost of merchandise
  • How to markup the liquidation merchandise
  • Using the power of social media to expand liquidation contacts/sources

We’re throwing in FIVE FREE BONUSES….

Bonus #1 Clothing Supplier Source Guide…$37 VALUE INCLUDED FREE

NEW BONUS JUST ADDED! 36 Page Clothing Supplier Source Guide jam-packed with 250+ apparel wholesalers and liquidators! We’ve also crammed helpful apparel seller articles about sourcing clothing, photographing clothing, starting an eBay clothing business, and more! Jump-start a retail clothing business with the supplier contacts we’re giving away in this valuable, info-packed supplement to the Liquidator’s Guide!

Bonus #2 Training Site Access…$99.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE

We maintain a Private Membership Site where we offer product sourcing audio lessons, industry webinars, and additional downloadable guides and worksheets. Our training website is updated all the time with valuable product sourcing content! When you purchase The Liquidators Guide, you will get a free lifetime membership to this site!

Here are a few audio lessons you’ll have access to as a member: Start with a small purchase [04:21] • Register with largest reverse logistic processor [01:53] • Receiving pallets of customer returns [03:44] • Brand & Resell agreements [03:48] • Freight Shipping 101 [07:01] • And Many More!

This site is a “stand-alone” product sourcing education in itself that we could easily charge for- you’re getting FREE Access when you purchase the Liquidators Guide!

Bonus #3 Manifest Mastery Tutorial…$29.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE

As a bonus, you’ll get my complete Manifest Analysis Tutorial showing you how to review merchandise before you buy a pallet or truckload. This bonus tutorial contains actual manifest case studies, where I show you how to research each item listed! No more guessing about what you will receive when you make a purchase!

A manifest is a written document describing merchandise contained in a pallet or truckload. Often, manifests can be confusing to the new buyer….relax, you’ll be a pro after reading this report!

Bonus #4 Private Facebook Group…$79.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE

Join our community of 16,000+ Amazon FBA sellers, eBay sellers, flea market vendors, indie store owners, exporters, brokers as we discuss product sourcing daily. Yes, I said daily! Our group is constantly reviewing new supplier sources; evaluating bulk purchases that other members have made; offering resell advice for various sales channels, i.e. FBA, eBay, brick ‘n mortar stores…..AND MORE! We have some very experienced members who go out of their way to help those new to the liquidation industry.

Bonus #5 Brand Protection Analysis…$29.00 VALUE INCLUDED FREE

Before you can buy liquidation merchandise from nationally recognized department stores, you’ll have to sign on the dotted line adhering to some strict reselling rules. In my Free Brand Protection Report, I’ll explain some of the most important rules you must follow when reselling department store liquidation merchandise. Avoid the dreaded cease and desist threat with this FREE Bonus report!

2018 Liquidator’s Guide + All BONUSES $47.00…$37.00

GUARANTEED: If you cannot find the value in our fact filled guide and you feel it is not worth the $37.00 you paid, simply send an email and we will send a refund…it’s as simple as that.

With this NO RISK GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose, so I urge you strongly: If you have any doubts what so ever, get the guide and look it over. I promise you will not regret it.

Yes! I want the 2018 Liquidators Guide
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I understand that this guide will be available to me immediately after purchase…24 hours a day, seven days a week in the form of an Adobe PDF file. Upon purchase, we will immediately email a link that will allow you to open the PDF file on your computer. This is not a printed book that is shipped to you, again, you are purchasing access to an online 121 page PDF file. This electronic file will also include your FREE bonuses!

PS: Your getting a total liquidation merchandise education in one guide; not only that but I’m giving you all of my contacts for some of the largest department stores in the US.

PPS: Really? What’s the hold up? …the price of this guide is less than a good steak dinner for two! Hey, most people enjoy a good steak dinner, but once you eat…it’s all over. This guide will serve as a valuable reference time and time again!


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