Liquidation clothing including shelf pull items, customer returns, and overstock can be purchased direct from some department stores or from wholesale liquidators. Shelf pulled items are typically considered to be new with tags items exhibiting very little to no damage. Most damages associated with shelf pull clothing come from handling within a warehouse. Customer returned clothing sold in lots of 100-500 pieces often contain items that exhibit minimal to moderate damages. All lots or pallets will contain various percentages of damage and might not be the best bet for those new to wholesale liquidation purchasing.

General Merchandise is widely considered to be any item found within a retail store other than food. This encompass a wide range of products including clothing, kitchenware, domestics, tools, hardware, appliances, home décor items, office supplies, etc. Just think of a Walmart store minus food. Because general merchandise purchases are bulky, loads typically come within large pallets. Find easy to sell merchandise in bulk at

The category of housewares can be comprised of domestics (towels, bedding, curtains, pillows, etc.), lamps, small furniture, home décor, bathroom accessories, and other home related items. Out of all items, domestics are very popular especially higher end brands. One thing to keep in mind, domestics are big and bulky (thinks of a king comforter set). Domestics must be purchased by the pallet.

Liquidation tools are well sought after because they offer a high resell value, especially if the tool carries a well respected name brand like Craftsman. Other lower quality tools such as those found at Harbor Freight are extremely popular with those who sell at the flea market.

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