What is your opinion concerning Kmart pallets? I am thinking about buying seven toy pallets for my booth at the flea market. Any thoughts?

If you are comfortable with the concept of customer returns and have experience working with heavy damages, I would say proceed with caution.

I have purchased pallets from this store, but it was only in a brokered transaction, where I acted as the broker. Several years ago I received a phone call from someone who lived about forty miles from our office, and he wanted to buy ten pallets of Kmart mixed merchandise. He quickly drove down to our warehouse and prepaid for a load. He was a flea market seller as well.

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Five days later, his pallet load arrived at our warehouse. I placed a phone call to him, and he said he would be down that afternoon with a large truck and trailer.

I had a few hours before his arrival to inspect the pallets; I was not impressed to say the least. After removing the shrink wrap from one toy pallet, it was evident that this load contained a high percentage of damaged, unsellable merchandise.

When he arrived that afternoon, I helped him load the pallets into his trailer. He made a few comments to me expressing the same concerns I had in relation to damages. He wondered if he might of made a mistake with his purchase.

I followed up with him about three weeks later and he did tell me that he was able to sell most of the items, but at a much lower price point than expected. He never ordered Kmart pallets again.

I think the allure with Kmart pallets is simply the low price. Most of the people who have inquired about wholesale Kmart pallets over the years have been individuals who were just getting started with the concept of liquidation pallet purchasing…remember the old adage, “you get what you pay for.”

While Kmart pallets might be inexpensive, from my experience the loads require a lot of unique marketing and large trash bin. Proceed with the utmost of caution.

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