I’m looking for smaller wholesale lots of general merchandise from stores like Walmart, Kmart, and Target. Can buyers purchase smaller wholesale lots of this type of merchandise or am I stuck buying pallets? I have limited space and need to start my eBay business with as little cash outlay as possible.

As our economy tanks, this type of question is asked almost daily. People are looking for additional ways to make some quick cash. eBay is still a viable option for most people, but the trick is finding sell-able inventory that will turn a profit.

Thanks for the question! I certainly wish you luck starting your eBay business. I’m glad to see you are researching and asking question before plunking down cash for items to sell. I really think you are going to have a hard time finding wholesale (smaller lots) of general merchandise. Most of the wholesale liquidation offers available come in pallet quantities. There are a few wholesalers who sell smaller box-lots of assorted merchandise (Via Trading is one that comes to mind), but I’m not sure how this will work out for eBay.

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What is it about general merchandise that intrigues you? Have you thought about other types of wholesale lots, such as jewelry or clothing? Both of which can be purchased in smaller box lot quantities. I know that overstock and customer returned jewelry sourced from QVC and HSN sells really well on eBay. 500 pieces of jewelry is much smaller than a pallet filled with general merchandise, huh?

Shelf pull clothing can be purchased in smaller 50-100 count lots. It’s worth additional research especially if you have limited room to stores pallets.

I’ve never found anything less than pallet quantities of customer returns from Walmart, Kmart, and Target. Oh, by the way, if you are looking for direct source contact information for the above stores it can be found within our guide.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide