We had a question come through the blog from an eBay and Amazon seller: In reference to your guide…looking for a source that sells less than pallets…maybe a large purchaser of pallets who then breaks them down, weeds out the crap, then resells smaller lots. I have been working with a company now who does it with Staples overstock items. Just wondering if you have a good source within (or maybe your company) who does this? Willing to pay commission on every purchase. I am a power-seller since 2003 on eBay and average over 150 orders per week on Amazon

Thanks for the question, sounds as if you have a very healthy Amazon business with 600 orders per month! Your question is not unique in that most who are entering the realm of wholesale closeouts, liquidations, and odd lots struggle to find reliable suppliers.

Your request to find a supplier who will buy in bulk and then break [quality] merchandise down into smaller sized lots, is not easy to come by. Most of the time, liquidators will buy by the truckload only to hold the good stuff (to retail themselves), and then resell the junk to wholesale buyers, such as you and I. I’ve heard enough horror stories relating to this “cherry picking” practice to make ones head spin!

I will be happy to address your question and offer some sources, but I would need some additional information including: (1) what state are you located in; and (2) what merchandise are you most interested in reselling? It would also be helpful to know if you are working full time at your business.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you in reference to the above questions.

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