Question: I live in an apartment complex and I’m wondering how I can order pallets of salvage merchandise. Do freight companies deliver pallet loads to apartment tenants?

Thanks for the question; no, I believe you will have a hard time scheduling freight deliveries to your apartment, but here are a few suggestions when ordering salvage merchandise:

Have the salvage pallets delivered to the nearest freight terminal for pickup. Chances are, there’s a central freight hub within 50 miles of your home, maybe closer if you live within a large city. You can arrange for pallets to be left at a terminal for personal pickup. When the pallets arrive, make sure you quickly transfer the contents to a large truck, and perhaps, a rented trailer depending on how much volume. You can rent a U-Haul truck or trailer if needed.

Have the pallets delivered to a local business near your apartment. This can be accomplished in one of two ways. The first option is to find a business close to your apartment that will agree to receive a freight delivery; you might know a business through a friend, or perhaps your employer will allow a delivery.

The second option is to have the pallets shipped to a local personal mini storage facility. Shipping to a mini storage facility might be a great way to receive and store pallet merchandise, after all, how much inventory space do you have in your apartment?

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