The last ten days or so I’ve taken an unscheduled vacation of sorts, mostly to enjoy our new Grandson Aiden. He is one cute little guy and we are excited about the prospect of spending a lot of time with him from here on out. I’m back in the saddle now and must admit, I feel bad when I take time off. When I take a few days off I inevitably get a ton of emails that need attention. I’ve done my best over the last few days to get caught up. Here are a few emails I received and my responses can be found below.

Reader Email: Hi, I’m interested in purchasing Macy’s liquidated shoes and accessories. I would like to deal directly with Macy’s however I am not in the U.S. How does this work ( if it does) for buyers in other countries? I recently purchased 2 pallets from a middleman and will see what I’m getting when the items arrive. They were manifested as overstock/surplus so I am assuming there should be no surprises or damage in my shipment. Can you help answer? Thanks…..Cherelle

Answer: Hey there Cherelle, thanks for the email! You know the old saying “All it takes is money,” well this hold true for your question. Macy’s will be glad to sell to you regardless of your location. After wiring money for your purchase, you will need to schedule freight from their facility. If you’re serious about exporting from the US, I would seriously look into securing an International freight forwarder.

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Reader Email: I recently came across your website and e-book, I am interested in reading it however I have a few questions before moving forward. I currently purchase handbags from Macy’s through a middleman. I have always wondered how he has access to these lots and what the mark up he is charging me is. Am I understanding correctly that your book will give me the necessary steps to cut out the middleman and make these purchases for myself? Do you provide contact information for Macys? Do you offer any private coaching? Thanks…Kira

Answer: Hello Kira – Yes, our guide will give you all info needed to start buying Shelf Pulls and customer returned items direct from Macy’s. And yes, I do provide private consulting on a limted basis. Those requesting consultation in relation to product sourcing, along with general wholesale/retail questions, should submit a request outlining basic questions.

In Other News…

Back on September 4th I recorded an audio post about one of our blog readers who made her first few liquidation pallet purchases. She made a purchase from, followed by a three pallet purchase from Via Trading. I’m pleased to announce she emailed the other day explaining the first purchase of customer returned boots is going well; she has already recouped her investment and says any further dollars earned will be pure profit, way to go!

In the same email she also said that her purchase from Via Trading arrived. She said she had been busy going through all of the merchandise and noted an issue with the handbags; she said she would be addressing this with her account manager at Via, but in the same breathe she said the soes she purchased looked great – All new in the box (Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3). I’ll follow up and fill our readers in on the handbag purchase as soon as she gets back to me

Well, that’s it for now. As you can tell, I receive a lot of emails from inquisitive readers. What are you waiting for…you know you have a few questions! Let’s talk.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide