We get asked about the product sourcing techniques outlined within our guide all the time. usually questions are are from readers who live outside the US, and it goes like this: Will the information contained with the Liquidators Guide be of value to sellers who live in another country? I put together my thoughts and recorded an audio commentary on the topic, please take a listen and then read through the email I received from a reader back on August 14th.

The email we just received:

“Hello…I just started in this business. I need to learn more and make new contacts for now I wish to just start send emails to companies and request for their stock. I would appreciate if you have a template what to write and give me the first example how to ask this question. I just started to read your ebook and to be honest I was quite surprised of the detail it have in certain aspects.

My only concern is that all the data seems to be adapted to US and big countries citizens, I live in Malta which is a very small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. I am thinking that all the deals I have to make are going to consist of a lot of freight expenses since we are only 400,000 in population

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