I want to share an email I just received from another excited reader! Stacey placed her first order last week for pallets of high-end shoes and handbags originating from the Macy’s department store. Her long term goal is to open her very own warehouse!

In case you’re wondering…yes, we may publish your email should you decide get in contact with us. No fear…we all learn from each other, right? Oh, and no worries, I’ll never share your personal contact information! Most of the time I even disguise names to protect the innocent (I’ve always wanted to say that).

Stacey’s first pallets are being delivered tomorrow:

I really want to thank you for putting out the Liquidators Guide. It was worth every penny (and I must say I thought when I clicked the link it was going to be a lot more expensive) I talk about you to my BF like we are close, personal friends and I told him not to worry, if we have any questions, we have a resource! So, thanks AGAIN and I will keep you updated with our progress!!

Stacey made her first purchases from Liquidation.com and Via Trading who, by the way, will give our readers a 10% discount off their first purchase!


Our 2020 Liquidators Guide chronicles 12 years of wholesale product sourcing experience and includes my personal black book of direct source contacts! As an industry expert, I'll share the success I've enjoyed along with the mistakes I've made buying and reselling liquidation merchandise.

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