More questions to answer; it almost seems as though my email inbox is never-ending. Keep the questions coming because I love to help out! I may not have the answer you’re looking for, but I will certainly try (or at least ramble on and on – lol). Ok, yesterday I received an email from an eBay seller who is tired of scouring thrift stores for high end shoes to sell.

Jeff A. writes- “I started selling used shoes purchased from thrift stores 2 years ago. I have made the push into better quality items (store returns, overstocks and floor samples). I have tried to get a contact for Allen Edmond’s men’s dress shoes. There are a number of sellers on E-bay that sell large amounts of used AE shoes and I can’t for the life of me find a source. I have sent the AE Corp a letter and e-mail and they never responded. Are there any leads, companies or “jobbers” that anyone is aware of that offers used/barely worn Allen Edmonds dress shoes. Thanks”

Hey Jeff, thanks for emailing! I have to admit upfront that I was not able to track down your requested source, but thought I would share my thoughts and search results with you anyway.

Allen Edmond Shoes – this is going to be really tough source to find within the liquidation industry! My hunch would be that most eBay resellers are buying from Allen Edmond outlet stores in bulk. In addition to buying closeout styles from the outlet stores, I’ve read quite a bit about Allen Edmond’s selling second quality shoes. Seconds would be shoes that are discounted because they didn’t meet craftsmanship standards with stitching, color variances, etc. Maybe some sellers on eBay are selling 2nd quality? Not sure.

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The problem with searching out liquidation items that are brand specific is that when you find an opportunity it’s usually a “one of,” offer meaning once gone…it’s gone for good. I do not think this would be the type of stock an eBay seller could find ongoing. If you want to sell shoes the focus, in my opinion, should be on a good mix of all brands both high and low end. Have something for every buyers taste, and wallet!

Wholesale and Shelf Pull Shoe Suppliers

On the Jay website buyers will notice the option to buy footwear closeouts and customized footwear mixes. After further reviewing their website, I noticed they also have a large retail division selling on eBay. This supplier is worth a second look. I would call and talk with them on the phone to get further information about lot sizes and what to expect when making a purchase is a shoe wholesaler specializing in branded Wholesale Shoes, Overstock Pallets, and containers of shoes for export. Again, Shoenet is a wholesaler and the prices may not work for eBay sales, but they do offer some great deals now and then. Be sure to bookmark their website and signup to receive their newsletter.

Victoria’s Secret Clothing and Shoe Supplier

Now on to the good stuff! We have a contact source for Victoria’s Secret catalog returns that, from time to time, offers Pallets of VS shoes and boots. This stock does really, really well on eBay so say the many who have purchased our Liquidators Guide and report back to us with their success. I have uploaded a manifest from one of this suppliers emails sent, and you can check it out here: Victoria’s Secret Shoe Manifest

Reseller Spotlight – Blue Frog Shoes

Speaking of selling shoes, I have a friend in my hometown that has a very successful business selling used shoes on eBay. You can find her online at Miriam does a huge business selling shoes sourced from garage sales (sometimes also referred to as yard sales, tag sales, and/or estate sales). Miriam actually employs people to help with her bustling eBay business…now that’s success!

Miriam also authors a blog called The eBay Life where she offers daily posts about eBay experiences, tips & tricks, and valuable resources for the eBay reseller. Check it out!

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide