Reader emailI am really enjoying your liquidation ebook. My wife and I have requested registration direct with Macys and Bloomingdale’s. I have an existing s-corporation that we will be running the business through so we do have all of the necessary licenses and information they will require.

My question is that, in your experience, do you know how the merchandise is purchased with this vendor? Are we buying an existing pallet with a manifest or are we able to select groups of items (handbags, blouses, etc.) and a pallet is loaded based on our purchase order? Also, since we are setting up an eBay store, we would like to focus more on the nationally known labels rather than the store labels (especially since we assume the branding will have to be removed on store labels). Will we have much control over this with Macys/Bloomingdales? Thanks in advance for your help!

Hey Mike, thanks for sending your question. Glad you’re enjoying the guide. Once you are fully registered, you will be sent “job out” offers of pre-manifested pallet lots. Some categories will be separated out, but for the most part, availability is what it is at any one time.

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You will be able to purchase apparel, but not category specific merchandise, such as blouses only. It’s a big mix of kinds of apparel items. Buyer purchases based upon percentages of retail value. It has been sometime since I’ve purchased Macy’s Liquidation, so I will rely upon some of our readers who are currently working with them to chime in, if I get this incorrect. I understand there are a couple of brand-specific lots that come up from time-to-time, one being Ralph Lauren (Polo). When this is offered you can be assured that you are receiving only one single brand. Make sense?

To sum it up, NO, you will not have much control as you asked. Buying RTR (ready to wear) shelf pull is kind of like playing the Claw Game where you put a quarter in, and down goes the claw picking up whatever is below.

Resellers are better off buying direct through the Macy’s liquidation program versus making a purchase from a wholesaler liquidator in terms of pricing, but assortment and the ratio of higher end brands will always be a big mixture either way.

When I say this I know I sound like a broken record, but I would also look to DLM Offprice for brand-exclusive purchasing. If you know certain specific brands sell better on eBay, give Melea a call to inquire about making a purchase. DLM is one of the only Off-price liquidators I know of that will sell shelf pull based upon your size and/or brand requests. Make sure to tell her Rob From The Liquidators Guide sent you.

Oh, almost forgot….branding will not be removed from store labels.

I wish you & your wife great success as you start your eBay store. Please keep in contact with us. It would be great to hear a follow-up on your purchase experiences, possibly with some photos to share with our readers. Thanks again….Rob

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