Part of the last section of our new Liquidation Broker business opportunity program will include a questions and answers sent in by individuals interested in starting! Lots and lots of questions have been emailed in and we are still expecting to receive more from our audience. Now’s you chance to submit a question or two and, if answered, you will receive a discount on our new program when it launches. Let me break this opportunity down for you:

What is a Liquidation broker? A liquidation broker locates customer returns, overstock, and excess merchandise and then turn right around and locates a buyer for such goods. A broker typically marks up the merchandise by a fixed percentage claiming this as his profit. An example would be:

$5,000 truckload marked up to $5,350.00 would represent a 7% profit. Not bad considering a good broker can work 2-3 loads per day or every other day. Sound intriguing?

Here are a few questions that readers have submitted to date:

Question – As a newbie broker how do I separate myself from those who have been brokering for a long time to get clients?

Question – How can I get companies that dropship to let me broker truck loads?

Question – When brokering deals in social media groups how can I be 100 percent sure I am not dealing with another broker so that mark ups are not too high for the customer?

Question – When dealing with a customer who wants ongoing shipments how do I cut myself in for future transactions between the supplier and the seller?

The four above represent about 25-30 unique questions submitted to date. All questions will be answered within our new program. Take a look at our Broker opportunity website and if you have any questions about this lucrative venture; please submit questions here.

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