Within the Liquidators Guide we talk about how to locate excess inventories by cold calling catalog companies, retailers, and manufacturers. The intent is to uncover either customer returned, shelf pulls or overstock that can be purchased for pennies on the dollar. Trust me, it’s easier said than done. The Liquidators Guide goes into detail about the process of finding stock, but I’ll tell you right here, it’s not easy. Lora can attest to this as she writes below:

I’m looking to break into a new liquidation market, not really to purchase from someone who already is direct. What great first pitch lines do you have when making a first time call to a manufacturer or retailer to acquire their closeouts or returns?

I’ve tried a number of different pitches like talking to the purchasing manager, or person who handles excess inventory. They often say they have none, then in specific cases I’ve found a spot on their website they have it. Feel like I’m missing something basic. Maybe manufacturer’s just are not going to have as much as retailers? But then the big retailers, i.e. Tractor Supply, has none. I’ve tried corporate and store level at multiple locations. They either send back to manufacturer or re-stock.

Suggestions? It took me a couple years to get the website, name, trademark etc, now I’m ready! It’s for all Agriculturalists, but I want to hit the liquidation market too. Thanks, Lora”

Here’s What I had To Say To Lora:

Industry sercets and DIRECT source contacts....
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