It’s always fun getting emails from people who are looking at purchasing secondary market goods, i.e. customer returns, shelf pulls, etc. I love hearing questions about product sourcing from our readers, but there’s one question I will not answer. Let me explain-

I received an email from Frank who explained he is thinking about buying a truckload from a wholesale liquidator. Frank went on to say that his last purchase from a different liquidator didn’t go as well as he had expected.

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In his email today, Frank asked if he should pull the trigger and make another purchase, hoping this one might potentially be better than his last experience. When it came down to it, Frank was asking my opinion about a specific truckoad, from a specific liquidator.

I’m all for talking about and sharing what I believe to be reputable sources for liquidation merchandise, but I cannot weigh in on specific purchases. Let me take it a bit further, please click play below….