I have purchased a good amount of Fossil bags (I sell them on eBay) through another vendor that buys them as store returns through Macy’s. My question is how can I buy particular items, such as just Fossil bags directly from Macy’s or is that even possible? I am just starting my research, an I am glad to have found your site. I appreciate any help that you can give.    Thanks, Samantha

Hi Samantha, thanks for your question. If you want to continue selling Fossil bags, your best bet will be to continue buying from your source. It’s not possible to buy brand specific lots from Macys. You must purchase in assorted lots. I’m not sure who your source is, but you should know there are plenty of off-price jobbers who will sell brand specific lots. One of the best that comes to mind is DLM Off Price. This company buys truckloads and then breaks contents down into small lots of 20-36 pieces.

Buying from an off-price jobber adds to your cost per piece because the more work they have to do building your lot translates to a higher cost per piece. The fact that you are able to order specific brands, sizes and styles, is unheard of within the liquidation industry! No more blind purchasing where you have to pay and keep your fingers crossed upon delivery.

Google “off price apparel jobber” and begin a search for new inventory sources; be ready to make a bunch of phone calls because stock is constantly rotating within the off-price market. If you get a chance, be sure to visit the Off price trade show held once a year in Las Vegas.

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