If you’re looking at the liquidation industry for Amazon FBA product souring, I highly recommend a product by Jessica Larrew called Liquidation Gold . Don’t know who Jessica is? That’s ok, because I’m about to tell you. No strike that, I’m about to show you!

Here is a snapshot of her Amazon sellers account dashboard:


Jessica almost exclusively purchases liquidation items that she in turn sells through FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). The graphic above shows almost 9,000 sales totaling $274,819.93! Again almost exclusively liquidation items. In Jessica’s guide, Liquidation Gold, she explains how she finds products to sell on Amazon. And the kicker? She buys products in bulk within a 100 mile radius of her home!

I bought her guide and was floored by her product sourcing techniques. So much so, I got in contact with her so I could interview her for a section within The Liquidators Guide.

Skip McGrath – Amazon Selling Coach

Remember when your parents would tell you to hang with the Right Crowd? Let me say it this way…you wouldn’t take advice about wealth building from someone who didn’t have money would you? How about soliciting medical advice from someone other than a doctor? Not smart, in fact, looking back Mom & Dad had a good point.

skipmcgrath-40I’d like to introduce you to Skip McGrath who just happens to be a very well known expert in the field of online selling. Skip has enjoyed a long successful career selling, writing, and teaching people how to make money using eBay and Amazon. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from him and to be honest, when I wrote the Liquidators Guide, I asked Skip to help contribute his ideas about the liquidation industry.

I consider Skip an expert in his niche, which is not really eBay, nor Amazon, but rather that of being a coach. Skip has made it his business to educate others who want to earn a serious income online.

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Skip published a FREE PDF file offering 20 Tips for Selling on Amazon. This is a no brainer, check it out!