We are in the process of writing Product Sourcing 101, which will become a comprehensive resource for the business-to-business (B2B) resell community. More than just a supplier directory, Product Sourcing 101 will feature valuable insight from industry professionals about building supplier relationships, sourcing retail inventory, and tips for building a successful business- on or off-line.

New Venture Media would like to offer the opportunity to become a contributor within our publication. We are searching for on and off-line sellers who understand the power of sharing knowledge with others. We believe the easiest path to success is listening to, and following others who have obtained success. Is this you? Please fill out the form below and your answers may be used within Product Sourcing 101!

The Fine Print

Those that share information and experiences can rest assured that personal information will not be shared with anyone. Personal details are collected to identify who is providing content and will remain confidentially within our files. If submitted content is chosen for publication, a FREE copy of Product Sourcing 101 will be sent to the contributor.

Individuals who submit content for this project must give New Venture Media express permission to publish submitted content within Product Sourcing 101 and it’s supporting website, www.productsourcing101.com. Answers submitted below may be used by New venture Media as online content, in marketing campaigns, and within digital & physically printed books.

By submitting information within our data collection form and subsequently pressing the submit button below, you are releasing full copyright of your content & photos to New Venture Media. New Venture Media will use each contributors first name and last name initial only within published works.

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