Salvage groceries? Who ‘da thought? Sounds kinda scary when you think about it.

Bent ‘n Dent or The Dented Can, whatever they call ‘em, salvage food stores make money hand over fist. When was the last time you grocery shopped? Cereal, depending on the brand, runs about $4.50 per box on the West Coast. You can buy a box of cereal at a salvage food store often for a buck or two. Yeah, you’ve got to deal with a box that maybe dented or in some way compromised, but hey, the savings is worth it.

Is Salvage Food Safe?

Salvage food store also sell near-dated food items, but take note: many of the dates branded onto a food box or canned good item, are “Best By” dates. Best By dates are for what manufacturers’ tout maximum freshness. Just because a date has passed doesn’t necessarily mean an item is no longer palatable or unsafe.

Anyway, salvage food retailers are popping up all over the country. Maybe you have a store near you? We’ve put together an A-Z guide to help anyone get off the ground reselling salvage food. We call the guide, How to Open A Salvage Food Store. I know… not very descriptive, but oh well. All kidding aside, we just revamped our guide cleaning up a few pages for 2015. It would make for a good, casual read since it’s an interesting topic. Be forewarned though, salvage food retailing is very profitable; you may just find yourself wanting to open your own store.

There is a great need for salvage food retailers. Not only do we waste perfectly good food by throwing it way, countless families across the country benefit from saving money purchasing groceries from salvage retailers.

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