I was searching online the other day and found this vintage nugget of audio content. Yeah, it’s me back in the glory days of my first foray into blogging about liquidation merchandise. Years ago I started a blog called The Closeout Industry. I blogged for a couple of years talking about product sourcing, but grew antsy and ended up selling the blog to another individual. It’s still online and filled with additional product sourcing content. Go take a look at www.thecloseoutindustry.com when you get a chance!

This audio post describes how I got my start purchasing secondary market goods, i.e. customer returns, shelf pulls, and overstock inventories. As I ramble on, you will hear why I became so passionate about educating other liquidation buyers. I talk about eBay and my successful brokering business. If you need further proof that I’m a bit of a product sourcing geek, listen below:


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