On October 24th, 2011 I received an email from Jonathan Staley advising GoWholesale would be shutting down soon. Within 7-10 days, sure enough, the website operated by Liquidity Services (liquidation.com) was dead.

Go Wholesale morphed from a website called Wholesale411.com, which actually started as a one page sales guide offering tips and sourcing secrets. I’m not sure when Wholesale411.com was purchased by Liquidity Services, but the site eventually was transitioned over to the Go Wholesale domain name.
Go Wholesale served up a basic wholesale directory and over the years featured countless articles from various industry leaders, myself included. I cannot seem to find any information as to why Go Wholesale is gone, but I would venture to say that Liquidity services is focusing on other, more profitable, web properties.

There are a few wholesale directory alternatives to GoWholesale, one being Wholesale Central.

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