Hey, it’s Robert from the Liquidators Guide! Another busy week product sourcing and helping those who have purchased our best selling product souring course, the Liquidators guide. Yes, I say course because, well it’s a total wholesale education within 120+ pages. I work with many people who purchase our guide to further assist them with specific product sourcing needs.

Anyway, enough of that I want to get right into product sourcing and tell you what I’ve done to within the last seven days. First of all, I received an email from a blog reader named Anthony who emailed saying/asking:

“Hey there! Great blog!-I’ve been doing some homework with liquidations and I took a strong interest in brokering deals. In one of your blog posts you mentioned it’s easy to find buyers at some of the b2b directory sites that has a heavy flow of traffic and potential buyers. My question is… do you reveal those sources as well? I’d be more than happy to purchase your course. I think the battle is already half won with the suppliers that you reveal. I’d like to broker deals on “commission” using your contacts and the b2b sites to find buyers. If you don’t reveal the b2b sites… is it possible to get them? I gladly appreciate it. Yours truly, Anthony “

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide

My answer – Hello Anthony, thanks for sending and email! I always enjoy hearing from our blog readers. Ok let’s get down to it…Brokering, huh? I’ve made a lot of money putting deals together over the years brokering merchandise. You hit the nail right n the head, your suppliers are golden when it comes to brokering! If you cannot rely upon your warehousing source to ship out great merchandise on time, you will be spinning your wheels and upsetting a lot of your clientele.

To answer your question specifically, yes, our guide does offer some trade portals where one can find great sources of customer returns and closeout merchandise in general. The sources found within our Liquidators Guide should just be considered a start, as you will be continuing the search for new inventory as it becomes available from distributors, catalog companies, wholesalers, and retail department stores. Product sourcing is a big part of a broker’s job especially when you have clients looking for something very specific. As a broker, you must be on the hunt and play part-time investigator sleuthing out merchandise as needed. Will our guide help in your pursuit…yes it will. Will our guide help teach you how to look for sources of merchandise on your own…yes, it will. Buy the Guide Broker Anthony, and by the way…anyone else named Anthony should buy the guide too!

New Product Source: -I’m always on the lookout for new liquidation sources, and I have a real gem for you today! The site I’m going to send you two is an online database of auctions throughout the country, the site is called AuctionBill. Take a look at their state directory page and go ahead and search by your state for current and upcoming auctions. WARNING! Most of the auctions are for industrial equipment and store fixtures, but they do offer consumer merchandise from time to time. I searched California and found a jewelry distributor who was offering a large amount of overstock jewelry.

Client Feedback: – I’m getting a lot of feedback from those who have purchased our Liquidators Guide saying that the Macy’s liquidation program is not processing new buyer requests in a timely manner. Meaning, those that are attempting to apply are not getting any feedback from Macy’s. All I can say is be patient because they are swamped with selling millions of dollars’ worth of good daily. I know back when I applied, it took about a month and half before I received a response. Its well worth the wait if you want to purchase Macy’s shelf pulls and customer returned clothing.

Info From Guide Source: – A few days ago received an offer from a very prominent supplier within the industry offering pallet loads of convenience store food and general merchandise products from the McLane Company, which is a large ($28+ billion) supply chain services company. The offer stated each pallet comes with a detailed Manifest and description of each product. Not only did I get an email about this, but also a very detailed manifest of each item by pallet. They also offered pictures of the merchandise, which is not uncommon with this supplier. I’m not into perishable items, but I stay on their list because they routinely send offers for other merchandise including clothing, electronics, and general merchandise. From a salvage food reselling standpoint, the pricing looked good at 20% of wholesale.

A Question For You: – Who out there has had any experience with PalletBid? Have you heard of this website? I would love to get some feedback from someone who has actually made a purchase through their bidding process. Just an FYI, PalletBid is operated by AML Inc. out of Foley Alabama. AML is a top-notch company in my book, as I’ve spent thousands of dollars with them. I will say that my experience was some time ago, but I’m certain they are still operating with a high ethical standard. Back to PalletBid…I really didn’t see too many pallets that looked all that interesting. If you have experience with PalletBid or AML, please, by all means leave a comment below of contact me directly through this page.

Hey, do you resell home improvement customer returns and shelf pulls? You might head down to one of nine unlucky Orchard Supply hardware stores in California that are facing liquidation. The stores are: in Burbank, Canoga Park, El Cerrito, Lodi, Merced, Santa Ana, Santa Clarita, Torrance and Yuba City.

Typically, the last few days of a liquidation sale are the best for snapping up unheard of pricing. The stores are to close August 31st. The liquidation sale is being handled by an outside firm called the Great American Group. For those of you who don’t know, Orchard Supply hardware is like a small Home Depot that has a chain of stores on the West Coast.

I’ll talk to you next week, until then, happy pallet buying!

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide