Do you know the source for Kohl’s liquidation? Almost every major department store utilizes a third-party firm to liquidate returns and shelf pull merchandise. Finding the contracted third-party can be difficult, it’s much easier to find a liquidation broker to purchase from.

You would be astounded if you actually knew how much Liquidation Brokers make when they sell  a pallet or truckload of department store merchandise. You might even fall out of your chair! The fact is, Brokers and wholesale warehousing liquidators know where to buy pallets and truckloads direct. Direct meaning, from the actual source of the specific merchandise. How about Walmart pallets of customer returns? If you know where and how to buy from direct sources, your eBay or flea market business could skyrocket from the savings!

Major department stores offer customer returns and what they deem RTR, or ready to wear, clothing items. Along with clothing, major department stores liquidate pallets of jewelry, table top gifts, and shoes. You can buy this type of wholesale merchandise from a Broker, or buy direct and save as much money as possible.

Most of the department stores utilize a third party liquidation processor to help resell excess, customer returns, and salvage merchandise. To buy from some department stores, you must go through this third party. Often referred to as a reverse logistics processors, these companies screen potential buyers and offer current pallet and truckload quantities of customer returned and salvage merchandise.

When I started out in this business of liquidation merchandise I bought from several brokers. Most of the pallet loads I bought were over priced and under described. It took a while before I found direct liquidation contacts, but when I did I was able to pay much less than I was accustomed to. The only downside to buying direct is minimum quantities imposed when making a purchase.


Our 2020 Liquidators Guide chronicles 12 years of wholesale product sourcing experience and includes my personal black book of direct source contacts! As an industry expert, I'll share the success I've enjoyed along with the mistakes I've made buying and reselling liquidation merchandise.

If you are thinking about buying pallets of liquidation merchandise from a liquidator, broker, or direct from department stores, you need to check out The Liquidators Guide

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