We’ve all heard about Liquidation.com, the internet’s largest auction platform for offering customer returns, overstocks, closeouts, and odd lots, but there is a lesser known online auction that offers wholesale lots of merchandise exclusively from a few key retailers.

Well, the list is small and exclusive, but I think you have heard of the Big Box chains stores: Macy’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy. Each of these stores use this particular auction venue to liquidate returns and excess merchandise. You will not find hundred’s of auctions at any one time, in fact, there are probably less than 30 auctions listings per week. If you see something you like, you must bid quickly.

I reviewed this site and found a couple of closed auctions for wholesale lots:

  • Designer women’s shoes – Retail value $9,300.00, winning bid…$150.00
  • Designer Men’s jackets- Retail value $4,693.00, winning bid $201.00

The above pricing is incredible and one stands to make a killing reselling merchandise sourced at such low pricing. I looked further and found a few other auctions listed, such as: Pallet of Laptops, Sony, HP and More, Salvage Condition, 66 Units, Retail $16,500 and 6 Pallets of Mixed, Inspected, Graded, Unsorted TVs, Original Retail $32,262, 89 Units. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Chanel handbags – $105,510 in retail value

This auction is very exclusive! I’m not going to include the web address in this blog post, however, this is just one source listed within our wholesale product sourcing program, “The Liquidators Guide”. I encourage anyone who is new to purchasing wholesale pallets and truckloads to STOP, and read our guide first. Years of product sourcing trial and error went into this 140+ page wholesale education.

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