I’ve been purchasing shelf pull apparel for the better part of nine years now, and have yet to come across clothing shelf pulls from Nordstrom. This high-end clothing retailer sells clothing from some of the most sought after brands, but don’t hold your breath because Nordstrom’s keeps it’s shelf pulls and customer returns out of the secondary wholesale market.

Enter Nordstrom’s Rack.

The Rack is a toned down retail outlet which specializes in reselling clothing that has been pulled from the “racks” at the chains big-box department stores. The Rack also offers deep discounts for items that have been returned by retail customers.

It may come as no surprise that the Nordstrom’s Rack stores are experiencing tremendous growth due to the current state of our economy. People still want to purchase the big names brands, but not at full retail.

The closest I’ve come to Nordstrom shelf pull clothing was actually a pallet of apparel that was headed for the Nordstrom’s sales floor. Prior to its arrival, Nordstrom’s canceled the order and left the manufacturer with 650 shirts to liquidate. I bought the entire pallet at $3.00 per shirt! Each shirt had retail tags intact with a staggering price of $79.99 per shirt. I did very well with this inventory on eBay.

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