I just received an offer from one of the liquidation suppliers listed within The Liquidators guide. This is an offer for children’s shelf pull and overstock apparel from a large discount general merchandise chain store. They are selling the stock in pallet lots between .74 per unit and a high of $1.13 per unit based upon a percentage of original retail value. This is what I would consider lower end clothing that would be perfect for the discount or used clothing reseller.

Here is what could be done with this type of inventory:

Discount Clothing Store – If you own, or plan on opening, a discount clothing store, how about selling all clothing for $5 or less? This trend is sweeping the country in a similar way dollar stores took off twenty-five years ago. Everyone wants to save money and when customers know the price of every single item within your store, it’s a win-win situation for both you and the customer!

Flea Market Sales – How hard would it be to double or triple your money selling children’s clothing at the flea market? Not too difficult if you bought inventory below a dollar! People at the flea market are looking for bargains and when you can sell name brand children’s liquidation clothing at rock-bottom pricing how much money do you think you‘ll count at the end of the day?

eBay – Yes, eBay. I can already hear you thinking low-end brands don’t sell on eBay. Well, maybe true, but you could create size lots with 2-10 items per lot containing name brands aong with non-branded apparel pieces. How cool is that? Maybe list tops, bottoms, and a jacket all in the same auction; or color coordinate outfits for the Mom or Dad who struggles putting together daily clothing choices. It’s a thought…there are tons of sellers on eBay who use this strategy with success!

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