There are several ways to resell clothing including on eBay, through a traditional brick and mortar retail store, online through a web store, and at the flea market. Each mode and method of reselling apparel requires a constant source and supply of quality clothing at wholesale pricing. There are three ways to purchase wholesale clothing. Lets review each source one by one:

Wholesale distributor – A traditional distributor of wholesale clothing typically will stay in tune with current fashion trends and offers what’s called stock lots of clothing. Stock lots are a particular style sold in size scales, i.e. size small (4 pieces), size med (4 pieces), and size large (4 pieces). So, in this example, you would get 12 total pieces of the same style.

Off-Price Distributor
– The main difference between the off price distributor and the wholesale distributor is simply pricing and style trends. Consider the Off Price distributor to be a supplier who sells stock that has been liquidated by a traditional clothing wholesaler or manufacturer. An Off Price wholesaler may have limited quantities, last seasons fashions, and odd lots. Buying stock from an Off-Price distributor can help profit margins due to lower pricing, but realize the big draw back will be a constant supply as stock will change almost daily.

Wholesale liquidator – A liquidator distributes clothing that has either been on a retailers sales floor or returned to a retail store for refund or credit. This is stock that either did not sell quick enough at a department or in some way is compromised either by damage or has been used/tried on. Through a liquidator, the small reseller of clothing usually has access to big name brands. Buying clothing from a wholesale liquidator is very popular for eBay resellers.


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