Searching for direct contacts? I’ve told you over and over again,

the wholesale liquidation industry is not for the weak at heart. Case in point, I’m going to encourage a little dumpster diving today! Not for two day old half eaten TV dinners, but rather, direct liquidation sources! Booyah!

OK, take it easy…I’m not suggesting you hit skid row and spend countless hours flipping through everyone’s waste—But, keeping an eye out for old shipping boxes is a great way to find manufacturers, distribution centers, and other direct source contact information.

How about this…say you found a product in a store that you would like to either (1) buy at wholesale cost; or (2) contact the distributor or manufacturer to inquire about excess stock? Here’s what to do: physically hold the product in your hands and read the packaging fully, looking for distribution contact information.

Often, a distributor or manufacturer will list contact information right on retail packaging…baddah bing! Take a photo of this info with your cell phone so you can cross search later online for further potential contact details.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I have actually chosen to drive behind stores and look for wholesale and liquidation sources on flattened packing boxes that have been discarded by retail stores.

Did you see the photo attached to this post? Yep, it shows contact information for Orchard Supply Hardware. The info clearly offers an address for one of their California distribution centers…perhaps they ship customer return load/pallets from this location? Who knows, maybe you should perform a little more sleuthing to find out!

Industry sercets and DIRECT source contacts....
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