It’s no doubt that you’ve probably stumbled upon this blog while searching for liquidation suppliers. I watch visitors from the backside of this blog through analytics tracking, and the results are very interesting. There are two types of visitors that come to this blog; I’ll do my best to describe each. Hang with me because this post will end with an interesting conclusion that will prove the following point:

The new liquidation merchandise buyer must be on a constant lookout for new Liquidation suppliers

The new liquidation buyer – This describes someone who has just learned of the liquidation opportunity. The thought of buying pallets and truckloads is very exciting to this buyer who has probably been scouring the web for any and all information related to wholesale liquidation merchandise. These rookie buyers spend a great deal of time on this blog reading post after post learning as much as possible. Frequently these visitors purchase our Liquidation Supplier course, which is filled with valuable information for the new pallet and truckload buyer.

The seasoned liquidation buyer
– This is someone who has already ventured into the realm of buying pallets of liquidation merchandise and is just looking for a merchandise deal. We get a lot of these seasoned buyers visiting our blog, but they quickly leave when they find out that we do not sell pallets and truckloads of merchandise. Our blog is optimized to receive traffic from all types of buyers of liquidation merchandise…my hope is that we catch those who are new to the industry. The liquidation course I wrote is for both new and seasoned liquidation buyers.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide

The seasoned liquidation buyers often spend just a few minutes on this blog, and then it’s off to find inventory elsewhere. At our blog we get most traffic from those looking to make a liquidation purchase…I just wished people would take their time and full research pallet and truckload buying. Believe me, the information on this blog and in our wholesale course can literally save someone a lot of time researching suppliers.

Liquidation Pallet & Truckload Sourcing Secrets FINALLY Revealed within our 2024 Liquidators Guide