Let’s talk about shelf pull and customer returned clothing from the Macy’s department store. Most large retailers have a liquidation division where they wholesale clothing by the pallet; this clothing is great for discount stores, eBay, and flea market sellers. Macy’s has a liquidation department that’s in charge of selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of shelf pull and customer returned clothing monthly.

You can buy direct direct from Macy’s or opt to purchase smaller quantities from a wholesale liquidator, but smaller quantities will translate to a higher cost per unit. In smaller 50-100 count lots of shelf pull apparel, expect to pay somewhere between $4-$6 per piece in a mixed assorted lot (various sizes, brands, and styles). When purchasing mixed assorted lots, remember you will have no control over what you are receiving. You get what you get!

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If you decide to make a wholesale purchase direct there are a couple of requirements you should be aware of:

  • You must supply a resell tax ID (also referred to as a tax certificate or resale number) upon the new liquidation buyers application.
  • You must be prepared to spend a minimum of $300 -$1,000 per lot for customer returns or shelf pull merchandise.
  • As a direct buyer, you will be responsible for arranging freight once a purchase has been made.

When buying from Macy’s direct, you can choose from several categories of clothing including men’s, women’s, and children’s only lots. Why pay a middleman, when you can buy Direct From Major Department Stores?

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