I am wrapping up my new program entitled, Liquidators Guide, where I chronicle my personal experience sourcing customer returns, overstocks, excess, and surplus merchandise. I have been buying pallets and truckloads of merchandise direct from several department stores, catalog companies, and wholesale liquidators. I am sharing all of my knowledge in this new guide that features well over 140 pages of intense industry knowledge. I have made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Years ago I started buying shelf pull apparel, pallets of general merchandise, and other types of liquidations. I have been reselling name brand merchandise on eBay, through our retail store, and through other methods. I have purchased from brokers who misrepresented merchandise resulting in thousands of dollars in heartache.

After years of research and plenty of mistakes, I have put together a list of direct contacts within the industry for merchandise. The Liquidators guide offers an inside look into the world of wholesale liquidation sourcing from product location to freight shipping. I lay it out step-by step in an easy to read guide.

Industry sercets and DIRECT source contacts....
I'm sharing 18 years of pallet and truckload buying experience within 200+ pages of the Liquidators Guide