I’m getting more and more emails about our new Liquidation Broker’s program, which is currently in development. Here is the latest received (FYI – the name has been changed to protect the innocent / I’ve always wanted to say that)

“My name is Steve. I am a Canadian expat living in the Philippines. I purchased your Liquidators Guide about a month and a half ago and am very impressed with the product. When I noticed that you will be offering a Brokering course I am now very ecstatic. I have been studying diligently everything I can get my hands on on the internet but could not really find the info I was looking for. Your Liquidators guide touched on it in a few areas but I needed it to be a bit more in-depth.

Being a expat overseas brokering really appeals to me because of my geographic location. My wife and I own a brick and mortar business here in the Philippines (restaurant) but after typhoon Yolanda we had to close down for the time being due to most of our supplies came from the city of Tacloban the most violently hit during the storm. Just knowing a bit of the background on brokering it enables me to safely conduct business around the world without worrying about natural disasters destroying my place.

My family and I are going back to Canada this month for Christmas and to spend a few months generating more money to return back to the Philippines to reopen our business and I will also be registering a business entity in relation to Brokering. I was just wondering when you expect the course to be starting so I can move forward accordingly.”</p

Great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words. I have been working on the Brokers course for about two years, off and on. I’ve really put a push on production within the last couple of months.

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