Nathania Stambouli, Marketing Director at Via Trading, recorded a live Flea Market webinar last month. I attended this event and was so impressed with Nathania’s presentation, I asked her if we could provide the training video for our liquidation audience…So, here it is!

Just a side note before you watch the video: Via Trading ticks every box on my liquidator scorecard in terms of trustworthiness, product selection, and willingness to actually provide FREE training resources for all web and walk in visitors.

Grab some popcorn and make sure to take notes!



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Now that you have watched the video you are probably excited about the thought of starting your own flea market business! Hold up, there is a lot more to consider before renting a booth at the market and filling tables with merchandise. For further research and vendor training, please take a look at our FREE flea market vendor course. yes, I said FREE!


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