Searching for Sears pallets?

Sears sells  pallets of clothing and electronics in two different categories; one category is referred to as N, while the other category is called Y. What do these letters stand for?

The Y category consists of store only brands, filled with less desirable items such as vacuums, microwaves, and other appliances that Sears manufacturers under their own store brands. Same hold true for the Y clothing loads- all store brands, no national name brands.

The opposite is true for loads labeled N, or National brands. The electronics loads labeled N will contain well known name brand TVS, DVD Players, telephones, and other faster selling items. N clothing pallets will have all the well known name brands, such as levis, Mudd, Dockers, etc.

If you are planning on buying Sears pallets, stick with the N labeled loads because there if very little brand protection requirements, and the well known name brands sell better on eBay!

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